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Node Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the products Desktop Node and Mobile Node and states the types of information collected about users and its reasons for doing so.

Email information

Users must use a valid email to create, activate and maintain their account with ASC. This information is not sold to any third parties and is used solely for the creation and maintenance of the account.

Socket information

Socket information are recorded so that users are contactable by other users.

Ignored users information

The list of users that are blocked by the current user is stored so that ASC is able to check if a user may or may not contact the current user, to protect the privacy of all users.

Digital Certificates

Digital Certificates signed by ASC are stored to facilitate end to end secure communications between peers.

GPS Data

GPS information is captured by ASC when the Taxi and/or Dating function(s) are used to facilitate the matching of peers. It is purged as soon as the user disables all GPS functionalities.

No other information are collected, stored, or derived.