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Resource Attributions

These entities have contributed by making their work freely and publicly available (under various licenses). The inclusion of their names/aliases is purely for the sake of attribution and is not a statement of endorsement by these entities. ASC tries its best to attribute credit to the originators and should there be an issue with the correctness of the attribution, the resource copyright owner is invited to help ASC give him/her credit for the resource.

If any resources are not attributed or attributed to the wrong entity, please report it immediately here.

Technical Resources

Bouncy Castle for cryptographic modules.

Brian Turek for jsSHA

GNU Crypto for cryptographic modules.

Joan Daemen, Vincent Rijmen, Lawrie Brown for AES256 Java Module.

Thomas Mueller for writing and maintaining the H2 Database, one of the best in performance and reliability.

Other Resources

Betty Durango

GUI icons and design.


Tick icon

Alias: DesignContest

Icon of shopping cart

Alias: Double-J Design

Icon of keyreleased under Creative Commons Attribution License

Alias: Gnome Project

Icon of userreleased under GPL

Alias: Oxygen Team

Icon of editreleased under GNU Lesser General Public License